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Wixy Writers & Wine

I’m Sharon Wix — your guide to everything from the world of healthcare to wine tasting to the art of writing. My career began in the healing halls of hospitals, where for 17 years I worked as an RN, BSN. My professional journey has been rich and varied, spanning bedside nursing, corrections, and the operating room, each step adding depth to my understanding of health, humanity, and the stories that connect us all.


My Adventures In Writing

My writing isn’t merely a side gig to my nursing career – it’s a leap of faith towards fulfilling a lifelong passion. Writing has always been a sanctuary for me, a way to process life and build relationships. The pursuit of freelance writing has allowed me to meld my clinical expertise with my love for storytelling. I’ve set out to make a difference, one word at a time. From tackling complex medical topics to exploring the nuances of wine culture, my writing is an extension of my commitment to learning, sharing, and educating.


Why Wixy Writers?

Wixy Writers was born from a desire to lighten your workload while spreading sunshine and happiness through words. With my background, I bring a unique perspective to the table—combining the precision of a healthcare professional with the creativity of a wine enthusiast and the soul of a writer. It's here that my two worlds collide, offering you content that's not only informative and engaging but also deeply human.

Outside of Wixy Writers, my life is a tapestry of adventures and passions. I'm an amateur photographer, a hot air balloon chaser, a social butterfly, and, of course, a wine aficionado. These experiences color my writing, adding layers of depth, warmth, and relatability.

The Mission of Wixy Writers

At Wixy Writers, my mission is simple: to make your world a better, more well-informed place through the power of writing. Whether it's healthcare or wine, education or entertainment, I'm here to help you convey your message with clarity, passion, and authenticity.

Let's work together to tell your story in a way that truly stands out!

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