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Medical Blogs and Articles

Medical Blogs are a fantastic way to connect with your audience, and drawing from a rich background in healthcare, it is my mission to breath life into your ideas. 

Wine With Wixy

Your guide to everything involving wine, from cheese making classes to a summer of wine making to becoming a wine entrepreneur to the art of writing.

Vineyard Visits

Take a virtual tour with me through enchanting vineyards. Discover the art and science of winemaking from grapevine to glass.

Wine Tasting 101

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned taster, there's always something to learn. Dive into the ambiance, selection, and unique offerings of wine bars I’ve

visited and the tastings that have resulted. 

Wine & Art

Uncover the beautiful synergy between wine and art, including paint and wine nights. A look at how wine influences creativity and brings people together.

The Business of Wine

For those interested in the wine industry, including insights about sharing delicious wine while contributing to a great cause, please visit me at One Hope Winery to find your perfect niche into the world of wine.

Join the Conversation

This blog is meant to create a community of wine lovers. I encourage you to share your experiences, questions, and suggestions. Let's make this a space where our shared passion for wine brings us together.


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Whether you're looking to deepen your knowledge or simply enjoy a good story with a glass in hand, there's something here for everyone. Cheers!

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