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Corrales Wine Loop

Ok, so what exactly is a wine loop or wine trail!? Well… it is a group of at least three [or more] wineries, usually not more than 15 miles apart from each other, and they all communicate their intention to be part of said loop or trail. These wineries also agree to work together on marketing, and sometimes offer discounts on tastings when visitors tour all of the wineries involved. Sounds fun, right!?


Let me give some context about what is coming… once in a while you’re lucky to come across a friend[s] that you instantly click with. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Angel and Daria, fellow travel nurses, at my current assignment in Albuquerque, NM. [ABQ] Upon learning of our mutual fondness for wine and that the Corrales Wine Loop was only 20 minutes away, [cause everything in ABQ is only 20 minutes… IYKYK] we persuaded Shawn to act as DD to take us around the wine loop in our two-door jeep. [I’m sure you can envision our possible future difficulties… Haha]

Stop ONE on the wine loop [the way that we mapped it, anyways] is the Corrales Winery, one of New Mexico’s oldest wineries. Corrales Winery is family owned and operated and they specialize in small quantities of delicious wines using grapes from their own vineyard and other New Mexico grapes. Located at 6275 Corrales Rd, this is the only winery on the wine loop we visited that is still in business. But do not fret, if you are planning to visit this area to do a wine loop, a few other wineries [which I will tell you about later] have joined the loop so there is still a confirmed loop to tour!!


Founded in 2000, the Corrales Winery sits in the heart of North America’s oldest wine growing region. Its rich history of being part of the historic Alameda Land Grant issued to Francisco Vigil in 1710, along with the romance of future possibility are what drew Keith and Barbara [the winery owners] to settle here. “Wherever life plants you… bloom with grace.” Now imagine three travel nurse friends sitting with a glass of wine, on a beautiful outdoor patio, dreaming of the possibilities of their own futures!!

Stop TWO on the wine loop brings us to the Matheson Winery. Since my experience with tasting wine to this point has mostly been at actual vineyards, I had no idea that a tasting room could be squeezed into a shopping center or… anywhere really!! This did give us a little trouble when trying to find the place, and to tell the truth we had to call for directions. I mean why wouldn't we know it was right next to the gun shop!!! We did find it, and it was pretty groovy to sit at the bar and drink some wine at the place that inspired this whole trip. [a co-worker, who also just happened to be the owner’s son is the one who told us about the wine loop!!]


After consulting in the wine business for years, Mark Matheson, who is a trained enologist, [ someone who is responsible for everything having to do with the science of wine] decided to make a go of opening his own winery in 2007. Using only New Mexico grapes, he focused on making drinkable wines. [this means they are easy to drink, low in acidity] Even though he eventually closed his doors, I believe he succeeded in his endeavors... we really enjoyed our tasting. [and surely we have earned our “drinks well with others” badges by now.. haha] Bottoms up!!

Stop THREE on the loop [and the last one we planned to visit] was the Acequia Winery... not to be confused with "Aqueduct" Hahahaha!!  [I can’t for the life of me remember why we thought this was so hilarious] I am guessing that by now we may be getting on Shawn’s nerves a little… he also has to help us climb in and out of the jeep and then listen to us as we prove over and over again how funny we are!! [bless his heart]


Seemed to me like this wine tasting "room" was located at a dead end on a road in a housing development. I'm also pretty sure it was in someone’s home… or rather, their basement and back yard patio. Al Knight, owner and operator of Acequia Winery, was pleasant and knowledgable about wine making, especially when talking about the 3,000 vines he planted himself!! I did not know it at the time, but this tasting room was not only open to the public, you could also schedule private tastings. A shame that Al is no longer able to share his obvious love and knowledge of wine since he closed down.

Now... a couple of things we discovered about a touring a Wine Loop... being chauffeured around and sampling so many delicious wines really builds up a big appetite!!! [hence the seafood feast above.. this also could have been how we persuaded Shawn to drive us!! Haha] Second, when you get home you have a backseat full of wine!! Apparently, when you do a bunch of wine tasting, your palate starts to not be so discriminative and everything is sooooooo very enjoyable!! [if you're lucky that will still be the case when you go to drink it later]

So... if you want to have a total blast with some good friends, grab yourself a DD and go check out the new wine loop in Corrales!! It now includes: Corrales Winery, Pasando Tiempo Winery, and Milagro Vineyards!!

Next Wednesday... [oops, I did it again] Wine with Wixy has again found another wine tasting room completely by accident... I don't know how this keeps happening!! [I mean I can’t even make this stuff up]

Cheers to you my wine loving friends, and TTFN!!

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2 comentarios

04 jul

Thank you for the Albuquerque insight! If I head back to Albuquerque... I will put this on a treasure to seek out!

Me gusta
Sharon Wix
Sharon Wix
10 jul
Contestando a

You are more than welcome!! Please keep me updated as to when you visit and your thoughts about the newer wineries!! Cheers!!

Me gusta
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